Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to our FAQ Page

General issues

Unfortunately, we don't make custom order

We can do shipping for destinations within the U.S. 

Each set includes: 

2 × shelves 

4 × brackets

8 × toggle bolts 

1 × easy instruction

If you did not find something from the list in your set, please, write to us on facebook messenger or We will send you missing parts as soon as possible.

Our workshop is located in the city of Hiriv, Ukraine. We make our shelves from pine.

We tested our hardware on drywall (without studs) and got a result up 30 LB (with a uniform load on the shelf).

You can see all available colors on our website.

We do not sell mounting hardware. However, if you are our customer we will send the hardware which you need for FREE. All you need is send a message on this mail: with the subject line "brackets" or/and "toggle bolt". It is necessary to point in your letter: Your Order ID, the correct name of the product (see picture attached), the number of pieces and also the data for delivery: full name, full address, and phone number.) 

Shelf Installation FAQ

Sometimes the brackets might be stuck inside. In this case you can use one of the  

brackets or any flat objetct (a screwdriver for example) to get them out.

Please use a rubber mallet to the shelf easily moves all the way to the wall.

 We have equipped our set of shelves with Toggle Bolts for drywall because in 99% of cases people use this type of wall for installation. However, we understand that you may have a different kind of the wall. Unfortunately, we can't put all types of installation hardware into the kit. We took care and wrote this instruction for you.

Remember to use anchors for wall mounting in brick and / or concreteExample

Note: For wooden walls, anchors are not needed except if thickness of the wood is less than ½ inch.When choosing anchors, make sure that they are suitable for your screws (diameter and length).