Story about me

Hi, friends! My name is Ann, and for the past two years I’ve been living in the US; in New York, to be precise. I want to tell you a little about myself and share the history of the company.
I was born in the small Ukrainian town of Hiriv, located at the Polish border.
It just so happened that I’m staying here now, while my mom and dad remain in Ukraine. Of course I miss my parents and my heart is still there with them, but that’s not the point of the story for now. I want to share our heartfelt family history with you. I’d like to tell you in particular about my dad’s talent.

He has a small workshop that he inherited from my grandfather. As far as I can remember, I’ve always liked to spend time there and watch the creation of real miracles.
I’m proud of my father and I can say that he is a true professional in his field. He’s an excellent carpenter, who at one point took over his father – a talented master himself.

My dad loves to carve amazing wooden items. As a child, I admired his skillful approach to making wooden figurines. I always boasted to my friends about how talented my dad is.

I remember bringing a beautiful wooden figurine to school once; I said that my dad had made it. No one believed me, and I was very upset. Later, when his talent became well-known in the town, they even envied me. As for me, I’ve always admired my dad and just really loved him, and still do.

My dad really enjoys making exclusive items from a wide variety of wood species.
Once he revealed his dream to me. Yes, as you’ve probably already guessed, it’s directly related to his unique craft. My father wants to work on a baobab tree, but there’s one big problem – it’s forbidden to cut down these trees, which means it’s impossible to get one. I think that many are familiar with the feeling of frustration when you realize that your dream won’t come true. Even though, perhaps, at times it may be good to have a nice bright dream and just believe in it. After all, sometimes even the impossible can become possible...

One evening I had an amazing idea – to create a workshop and name after my father’s dream, the “Baobab Workshop”.
Now he makes beautiful and exclusive wooden furniture. It can be used to decorate any interior and make the atmosphere of a house or an apartment really cozy. Wooden furniture not only gives a unique feeling of warm energy, but is also safe even for children.

I really want to show my father’s talent to the world and let people know that you need to believe in your dream, never betraying it and loving your own craft, which can bring others joy and happiness.