About Us

Welcome to Baobab Workshop, a distinguished furniture manufacturer that specializes in crafting exquisite pieces solely from solid pine wood. Situated in the heart of Ukraine, we pride ourselves on our artisan craftsmanship and timeless designs, all brought to life with the distinct rustic farmhouse style that sets us apart.

Baobab Workshop values the essence of nature and hence, we're committed to preserving the inherent beauty of pine. Our artisan painters employ meticulous hand-painting techniques to retain the wood's natural grain, enhancing its aesthetic appeal and elevating each piece to a work of art.

Our operations are built on efficiency and convenience. To ensure our American customers have quick and seamless access to our quality products, all of our furniture is shipped by sea and stocked in our New York warehouse. This means that our pieces are already in the USA, ready to be delivered to you promptly without extensive overseas shipping times.

Experience the beauty of our hand-crafted, solid pine furniture today. We're excited to help you transform your space into a rustic farmhouse sanctuary.

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